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Welcome to this personal page "About Us". We do hope your appetite has been whetted to find out more - about the background to our home and business and also about us, Judith and Peter, the owners of Westwood - The B&B with a view.

Westwood has not always been a B&B and Judith and Peter have not always been in the hospitailty trade. In fact, they both lived and worked in Gemany in other careers for many years. Whereas Judith is a native Cumbrian (and proud of the fact), Peter comes from the beautiful area of Upper Bavaria in Germany (and is also proud of the fact!), but feels quite at home here in the mountainous Lake District in Cumbria, even if his native Alps are just a litttle bit higher. He also enjoys living so close to the sea - something Upper Bavaria does not have!

Judith worked first as a language teacher in the German vocational school system (German and English both great loves as well as degree subjects) and then freelance as a filmmaker and university lecturer. In this freelance phase she received commissions from both national and international companies in the two countries she loves - England and Germany.
This was before returning to England with Peter in 2013 to care for her aging father, Harry. For Judith this meant, "returning home", for Peter it was both a big challenge and privilege to start life "abroad".

Peter read economics at university in Munich and Bamberg, but then followed his interests in "Baubiologie" (building biology and ecology), building up a successful consulting business for the optimization of living and working spaces (interior and exterior). He gave all this up to come to England with Judith and made it possible for us to live in Westwood and care for Harry by creating the extension, the part of Westwood in which we now live.

Passionate about hospitality and details in home and garden, Judith and Peter have recently lovingly converted the original family home of Westwood into a welcoming B&B, which opened at the end of August 2017. Cumbria and the Lake District have a special warmth and ambience which we wanted our home to reflect, so Peter has invested his skill and knowledge of buildings and materials to achieve this.

Outside, the blue-grey shingles and red-cedar cladding portray, for us, the blue of the lakes and the reddish-brown of the beautiful bracken found here in Cumbria. Inside, the warmth of the now fully restored original wooden floors (Australian Oak) in bedrooms and hallway remind us of the friendliness of the people in this county. Two charming English cottage garden areas, a good-sized lawn, various seating areas and marvellous views can help you relax and unwind. We also have a Zen garden which, admittedly not typically Cumbrian, nevertheless contributes to our garden the calming and relaxing atmosphere to be found in the scenery of the Lakes.

There are still a number of original features in Westwood and these have been lovingly and professionally restored. We are also Art Deco lovers as well as being fans of quality, handcrafted objects and high-end recycling. Examples of the latter can be found in the retro Denby crockery from the 1970s and the classic silver cutlery we provide in the B&B. We felt we would like to showcase our penchant for Art Deco in our logo which is also to be found as a mural in the hall. Both logo and mural were created by talented local artist and graphic designer, Alan Roper of Maryport (www.argraphicdesign.co.uk). This handcrafted 1930s' style mural and logo, which reminds us of famous railway posters of that time, is a lovely piece of original artwork in our home and gives us and our guests great pleasure.

Westwood, Harris Brow, Great Broughton, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 0XR

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